Edge sealing strip
Wood grain
Natural texture
Illusory image
Double color
Nearby heterogeneous type
Nearby heterogeneous type
Side T is soft
Volume curtain gate
Nearby chair
Glass strip
Line trough
Golden fish bowl
Foot line
Glass handle
Computer table
Heterogeneous type
Staircase arm rest
The wood floor receives
Aluminum windows-doors
Curtain wall
Oak models
Steel core
C-Bar magnet
Beijing Lingou Decoration Material Co.,Ltd is a professional company of decoration material. The company possesses manufacturing equipments of Germany and Taiwan made, many experienced engineers for R & D and the development of products with different purposes for the clients.  Lingou product possesses colorful technology content and mature professional skill.
 Main products include the envelop-side strip of PVC furniture, plastic abnormity strip, anti-water strip, expansion strip, weather strip, the electric-welding strip of plastic floor, wood bark, etc. Apply to furniture, cabinet, laboratory, teaching facility, plastic floor, tall building, basement, parking lot, tunnel, subway, human-defend work, canal for water conveyance, dyke, culvert; and the structure joint, deformation joint, construction joint of the engineering of water conservancy , composite weather strip of door and window.  And also dedicate to developing macromolecule oak-plastic mixture products of PVC, NBR, repetition useful thermoplastic elastomer, EPDM, PP, TPU,ABS.    
  Beijing Lingou Decoration Material Co., Ltd has integrated 10 years of achievements of the company. Under the cooperation & support of clients, the company keeps on improving the ability for product quality renovation & problem solving and devotes to promoting the development of decoration material industry.
   Thanks for your support again!
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